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We help companies from 10+ countries saving up to 50% with the purchase of breathing masks every month.

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Our Products

KN95 / FFP2

✔ Quality-Proven Filtration Rate of ≥ 95% 

CE-Certification to confirm  conformity for the European market.
FFP2-Certification (DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009) 
KN95-Certification (GB2626-2006)
Quality checked before shipment to provide a high protection for you and your team.


It’s no secret that especially the FFP3 Masks are in high demand. To prevent further shortages, we made sure, to provide you with high quality FFP3-Masks.
✔ Quality Proven Filtration Rate of ≥ 99% 

 CE-Certification to confirm  conformity for the European market.
FFP3-Certification (DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009) 
KN95-Certification (GB2626-2006)
Quality checked before shipment to provide a high protection for you and your team.

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Direct Shopping

In urgent need of breathing masks? Get them from your nearest warehouse -  with our fast shipping service from Europe and Asia.


Concentrate on things that matter. Your knowledge about the market will give you the edge to anticipate price corrections and delivery bottlenecks.

Community Buying

This is what made your company successful keeps you on the top. You and your coworkers will enjoy never before seen discounts.

Quality Control 

Protect your team and yourself with a proven and quality- checked high standard. Your ease of mind is guaranteed, because you made the right decision.


Jennifer P.

Head of Procurement
Hospital - Group

"The fact, that reduced our purchasing costs of breathing masks by 29% is astonishing."

Graham M.

Head of Purchasing
FTSE 100-Company

"In the UK, the delivery bottleneck was so severe, that the prices tripled. literally saved us from falling into that trap! Thank you."

Mario L.

Purchasing Manager

"You saved us a little fortune. Putting into consideration, that we received first-class-quality, made our decision easier"

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